A Look Back

Over the 150 years of the company’s history, KSB has always continued to develop. But a look back reveals that many things regarded as important in the past remain decisive for the company’s success today.

Typists around 1900: In its early years, the company employed only a few women. Today, 16 percent of the company’s global workforce is female – and the trend is rising.
Western motifs were popular in advertising at the beginning of the 20th century. The star of this poster, however, is KSB’s steam trap.
Roof or open-top: In the 1920s, KSB’s fleet of modern vehicles permitted quick visits to customers.
Exports played an important role for KSB at an early stage. In this photo from around 1930, an Egyptian customer proudly shows off his brand new irrigation pump.
Just like today, companies in the past needed global reach. KSB therefore took part in international events, such as the 1904/05 Cape Town Industrial Exhibition, from the very start of the company’s history.
Well-trained specialists make the difference – then as now. These apprentices are getting to grips with pumping theory in 1938.
From the 1950s onwards, there has been a steady increase in power station outputs and the demands placed on pumps. KSB overcomes the technical challenges to develop the appropriate pump sets.
When a job needs doing, KSB’s service experts travel to the most remote places in the world. Here, mechanics are installing a submersible borehole pump for the irrigation of an oasis in Libya in 1978.
Changing times: A company’s logo is its face; it must be unmistakable and instantly recognisable. Like the company itself, the KSB logo has evolved over 150 years.
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