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How has KSB changed over the decades? What makes the company stand out? Staff explain what makes KSB an attractive employer.

What sets KSB apart?

Rajeev Jain: I have been with KSB since 1985 and have held various positions. There are many things that set KSB apart. But one of the main differentiators is our strong brand image. We embody trust and reliability. This is demonstrated by our world-class products and services, and the loyalty we have built with our customers.

Chavone Hollimon: GIW stands for durable products, global presence, excellent know-how, great company values, unique product lines and global manufacturing. The company is an attractive employer; it offers training opportunities and of course great people to work with. A warm, welcoming environment makes all the difference when starting a new career.

Rajeev Jain has been with the company for 36 years and took over as Managing Director of KSB Limited, India, in 2016. As Regional President, he leads the KSB Group’s Asia West operations.

How has KSB changed?

Rajeev Jain: KSB has always adapted to change, defined new innovative tools and processes, and rolled them out worldwide. The company was and remains a pioneer of new technologies in our industry. A strong culture of innovation is strategically important in order to maintain our position as one of the largest pump and valve manufacturers in the world and to stand out from the competition with best-in-class products.

Chavone Hollimon: In my short time working here, one positive thing I’ve noticed is that the company makes an effort to connect employees across the globe. It also showcases the people behind the scenes who give their best day in and day out.

Chavone Hollimon has been working at KSB since 2017. She was hired by the US subsidiary GIW Industries as a marketing specialist, before being promoted to the role of “Digital Marketing Strategist” in September 2020.

What excites you about working for the company?

Chavone Hollimon: What excites me most is the challenge of promoting a product, bringing new ideas to the table to help us move to the next level, making connections between employees, and having the opportunity to travel.

Rajeev Jain: We have a strong system of values such as honesty, professionalism and appreciation combined with world-class products, an employee-friendly corporate culture, and strong, consistent financial performance over many years. KSB promotes and practices a culture of open communication, empowering employees to grow professionally and personally so that they can give their best. The company supports an environment of mutual trust and care. This makes it not just an organisation, but a family. For me, it has been a very rewarding experience to be part of the KSB team.

What does it mean to work for the company?

Jair Martinez: It means excellent opportunities for personal development through a career in the global KSB Group. Since I have been with the company, I have worked in different departments. I was able to learn about many topics and put suggestions for improvement into practice. That’s why I’m already looking forward to more new challenges.

Xiao Lyu: KSB takes care of its employees, providing stable employment opportunities during the pandemic that we are currently experiencing. This makes KSB an attractive employer. Being part of such a world-leading company makes me proud!

Jair Martinez joined KSB Mexico in March 2015 as an engineer. Since 2019, he has been leading Project Management.

How has KSB changed?

Xiao Lyu: KSB has changed a great deal in recent years – especially with regard to its image on the market, its communication and its organisation. Our structure is clearer and more transparent, and we communicate openly between departments and between countries. Of course, this is also felt by the market and our competitors.

Jair Martinez: Our factories in Mexico are now very well integrated into the KSB Group. Networking between locations, standardised processes and our products themselves are the key prerequisites for KSB’s continued success.

Xiao Lyu is currently responsible for Sales Management for the General Industry Market Area in Frankenthal. He started his career at KSB in 2016 at the Shanghai location.

What do you think the future holds for KSB?

Jair Martinez: It is during turbulent times that a company shows its strength. Together we are strong! Throughout my years with the company, I have witnessed how flexibly KSB reacts to changes in the world and on the market. Our primary goal is to inspire and win over our customers with first-class, innovative products and services. This winning spirit is what motivates us as employees and drives us to go the extra mile for the company.

Xiao Lyu: We’re simply going to keep going! We need to leverage synergies between countries, remove bottlenecks in all our processes and focus on our market areas and focus countries. In my view, concentrating on our market areas in particular is the right approach for further developing our business. This will open up new applications and sales opportunities for us. Cooperation between departments and countries is also becoming much closer and more intensive.

What sets KSB apart?

João Leite: Over the years of my professional life at KSB, I have noticed that the company keeps track of the bigger picture. KSB has great product quality and dedicated employees who can boast a high level of technical expertise. For us, professionalism includes a long-term view of our business and investment in the development of our employees.

Barbara Emde: The quality of KSB’s products is second to none, and its employees do really great work. There is so much know-how in the company. Many employees have had long careers and acquired an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise. And many also manage to think outside the box and apply creative approaches to find the best possible solution for our customers.

Barbara Emde is German and works in Marketing at KSB Finland Oy. She has been with KSB since August 2013.

Why do you like working for KSB?

Barbara Emde: I think it’s great to have the opportunity to work for a local KSB subsidiary. My German background enables me to use my mother tongue at KSB Finland for the benefit of the company. I also think it’s good to work for a company that makes important products for humankind in general. After all, how would essentials like drinking water supply and waste water treatment function without pumps and valves?

João Leite: I am happy to be part of an international company that, after 150 years, continues to have an excellent image on the market. Every day I look forward to talking to colleagues all over the world. We are much better connected than we were years ago. As a result, it feels to me that the world has become smaller. And this also serves to show how different yet similar we all are.

João Leite is Managing Director of KSB in Portugal and has been with the company since 1991.

What makes KSB an attractive employer?

João Leite: KSB differentiates itself from its competitors through its corporate culture and values. These provide a framework for the kind of collaboration which allows employees to explore their full potential and contribute innovative ideas.

Barbara Emde: It is a stable company with positive cooperation between management and employees. This is a great asset, especially in the current situation.

What has changed for the better at KSB in recent years?

Barbara Emde: I like the fact that digitalisation has come so far since I started my job at KSB. For example, the newly introduced digital sales channel and marketing automation tool have made our work at KSB Finland much more efficient. Our sales and marketing are also better networked as a result. New hires and younger employees bring a breath of fresh air into the company, and with it innovative ideas that are good for KSB.

João Leite: In my opinion, KSB has undergone a positive change in the last 20 years in particular – especially in terms of its corporate culture. We have become much more customer-focused, international, networked and innovative. But there is a long way to go.

What makes KSB the right place to start your professional career?

Emilie Delestrez: In my opinion, what sets KSB apart from other companies is the diversity of its products and the fact that we manufacture products which are essential for everyday life. I also feel that the plant management in Lille facilitates interaction between the various departments. This allows us to drive the development of our products very efficiently and quickly.

Sandra Bruns: Well I’m a new arrival – and I’m still in the middle of my training. But in my case, KSB was clearly the right choice. During the 2018 / 2019 school year, I was considering my future career options. Since I live in Frankenthal, KSB was the obvious candidate. I began researching training possibilities online. The more I read about it, the more interesting the job as a cutting machine operator became. So I applied, and everything worked out.

In August 2019, Sandra Bruns started her apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator in Frankenthal. She has been a youth and trainee representative since December 2020.

What is so interesting about your job and what do you enjoy about it?

Sandra Bruns: I like technology, and I want to understand it. It contains a logic that I find fascinating. I also enjoy operating machinery. These are certainly important requirements for the role of cutting machine operator. I also like the camaraderie among the trainees in my apprenticeship year. We’re always getting into discussions about certain topics – sometimes technical issues, and sometimes more on the human side of things. And this often ends in funny situations and laughter. But these conversations usually lead to a good solution. And that’s how it should be.

Emilie Delestrez: KSB has enabled me to reconcile my personal and professional lives. We have dynamic teams that organise events to bring colleagues and families together. This contributes to the great atmosphere between colleagues. What motivates me every day is the versatility and autonomy in my job, as well as the fact that my work does not leave me stressed despite the deadlines I have to meet. The family atmosphere, and the levels of recognition and respect for the employees are also very important. It’s reassuring to know that I can always find someone to turn to when I have concerns. We are treated not just as employees, but as people. We are motivated to become even more involved in the company. There has also been a noticeable change, especially in the last few years: Management communicates more with staff and transparency has improved. As a workforce, we feel we are an important part of the company.

Emilie Delestrez is an assembly technician on the production line of the Ama-Porter submersible motor pump series at the Lille location of the French subsidiary KSB S.A.S. She has been working for the company since 2013.

KSB is becoming increasingly digitalised. Do digital tools help you in your work?

Emilie Delestrez: Digitalisation is definitely important and a great source of help. At KSB, we have already come a long way in this regard. But like everywhere else, there is still room for improvement.

Sandra Bruns: The tablets we use in training should be deployed more widely, even if digitalisation is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of cutting machinery. My generation may be the “digital natives”, but not every one of us is automatically a “nerd”. Using digital solutions is therefore something we also need to practice. But overall our training is on the right track in terms of digitalisation, and we have made much more progress than other companies in our industry.

As a young trainee, Ms Bruns: What are your professional ambitions and goals?

Sandra Bruns: After successfully completing my training as a cutting machine operator, I see my professional future at KSB. But of course I can’t yet say in which area I will work and what will come thereafter.

What are your hopes for KSB, Ms Delestrez?

Emilie Delestrez: I want KSB to continue investing in innovative projects to meet the needs of our customers. KSB should preserve the family atmosphere and continue to make its employees proud to work for this company.

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