Strengths unfold

Since its founding in 1871, KSB has been constantly developing: The company’s long and successful history has seen the creation of numerous subsidiaries, innovative products and customer-oriented service offerings. 150 years of experience have made KSB what it is today – a company at the cutting edge.


A small factory opens
Two buildings with saw-tooth roofing are constructed, together measuring 13.5 metres wide and 41 metres long. Twelve employees begin production of “specialities” previously unseen on the market.


It all begins with an idea
Johannes Klein invents a boiler feed apparatus. Upon receiving his patent, he founds a company in Frankenthal with two business partners.


Change in company form
For expansion purposes, KSB is converted into a public limited company. This lays the foundation for further growth. Almost 700 people are working in the factory at this time.


An early best-seller
The steam- or belt-driven UNA pump becomes one of the company’s first hits. Steam traps and globe valves also generate interest among customers.

1924 – 1934

New locations in Germany
In the 1920s and 1930s, KSB acquires five German firms and forms a company group. This enables management to strengthen KSB’s position on the market and expand the product range.


First foreign company
The first company outside Germany is founded in Milan, Italy. The sales office is quickly joined by a workshop with its own production facilities. In 1933, pump production also begins in France.


KSB sets standards
Eta makes pump history with its outstanding efficiency. Even after many generations, this series of energy-saving industrial pumps is still successful on the market today.


A leap across the pond
KSB founds a company in Argentina – its first venue outside Europe and the beginning of activities on the American continent.

From 1950

Global presence
From the 1950s onwards, KSB expands around the world. The company establishes numerous sales and production companies on all continents, making itself more available to customers.


A stable foundation
In the spirit of the company’s founders, Director Dr Otto Klein-Kühborth transfers a qualified majority holding of KSB’s share capital to the non-profit KSB Stiftung (KSB Foundation). Established in 1960, the foundation seeks to promote science and future generations of young scientists.


Absolutely leak-tight
The maintenance-free BOA-Compact globe valve is launched to market and becomes a million-selling product. The valve is mainly used in heating and air-conditioning systems.


Commitments in Asia
In Shanghai, KSB establishes its first joint venture in China. Numerous additional production and service locations are set up over the following years on the growing Chinese market.


Components from the 3D printer
KSB sets up an additive manufacturing centre. Here, specialists use 3D printing to develop and manufacture complex customised components from materials such as metal and plastic.


Close to the customer
With KSB SupremeServ, the company establishes its own service brand. More than 3,500 specialists in over 190 service centres worldwide offer consulting, planning, installation, operation and maintenance as well as classic and digital service options.


Smart solutions
KSB Guard lets system operators keep a constant eye on the performance and status data of their pumps. In addition to this digital product, the company offers more than 300,000 pumps and valves to its customers in its online shop.

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